Dia 5 - Belén a Jujuy11


We leave the town of Belén to continue on our way, again as is well known with speed bumps and river crossings that give the road an adventurous feel and keep you fully attentive to your driving at all times.

After several kilometres we reached the town of Santa María in the province of Catamarca. Here we were expected at the Refinor service station, where the owner authorised us to install the CarConnect charging device with the help and supervision of Ismael, the electrician in charge of the place. While the vehicle was being charged, the station staff washed it carefully and at the same time the word spread around town that an electric car had arrived, which caused a lot of curiosity among the locals who eagerly came to see the vehicle and ask their questions as it was the first time they had seen a vehicle of this type. Many were eager to take pictures and learn how an electric car works.

Once fully loaded, we continue along route 40 towards an interesting town, Fuerte Quemado, immersed in the Calchaquíes valleys, which were the original inhabitants of this place. Here we meet Paola, in charge of the tourist information office, who shows us with her informative map the attractions of the area, so we can see the ruins of the ancient settlers and learn about the history of this interesting town.
Cave art on the rock walls can be seen as we go along, as well as typical Argentinean characters, the gauchos, who are not shy in front of the camera lenses.
Another activity in the area is the cultivation of paprika, which is later dried for the production of seasoning powders.

Almost upon arriving in Cafayate, we find an interesting wine, beer and distilled spirits winery. Run by an amusing couple formed by a Mendocino and a Spaniard, this is the Etchart-Argerich distillery, which caters to tourists all year round.

After several kilometres we cross the mountain range to reach the city of Salta, where the landscape and climate change rapidly as it becomes wetter and greener. It is here that we meet the staff of the official Volkswagen Autosol dealership, who help us to load the car and install GPS for the final destination.

At night in Jujuy we are kindly received at his home by Elías from the CANAV club, who is a former national champion in motocross enduro and one of the best navigators in Argentina. Here we make the last charge of the ID4.